Sustained support from your inner circle, long after the funeral is over

Encircle gives your closest friends and family a private space to talk about the person who died, with prompts and tips to help you have real life conversations.


How does it work?

Create a profile for someone who has died whether you’re grieving or supporting someone else who is.

Add a memory of them. Memories can be one or more of the following: text, photos, audio, video, other files.

Invite others, whether they knew the person who died or just want to support those left behind. Only people with your unique link will be able to access the private space.

Sign up for prompts. Receive thoughtful questions to help you talk about your person, straight to your email inbox. For supporters, regular reminders to reach out to those you’re supporting with tips of what to say or do.

“People don’t ask me about my dad because they’re afraid it will remind me he’s dead. But talking about him is what reminds me he lived.”

- Encircle user

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