Frequently Asked Questions

What is Encircle?

Encircle is a tool to help you keep telling stories about those you love who have died. It also helps teach people who want to be there for you how to do so.

How much does Encircle cost?

There is a $120 one-time fee to create an Encircle page in honor of someone who has died. This gives you lifetime access and ownership of all data collected and you can invite as many people as you want to join the page.

We never want cost to be a barrier to access, so please reach out to and we'd be happy to help you create a page for free.

Who can see an Encircle page?

Each Encircle page has a unique link that’s not easily guessable (e.g. Encircle pages cannot be found on search engines like Google nor are they searchable on our site. Only those who have been given the unique link can access an Encircle page.

Who should set up an Encircle page?

You can set up an Encircle page no matter whether you’re grieving the death of someone you loved or you’re supporting a friend who experienced a loss.

Does it matter how long ago the person I’m remembering died?

Not at all. It’s never too early or too late to collect memories of them, build the habit of talking about them with others, or learn to support a friend.

Can I make a page for multiple people I’m remembering?

We recommend making one page per person.


Any other questions? Email us at and we’ll respond promptly.