A supportive place for you to talk about your person and your grief

Thanks for being here. We help you and your closest friends and family keep saying their name and talking about what’s on your mind.


How does it work?

Create a profile for your loved one no matter how long ago they died.

Add a memory of them. Memories can be one or more of the following: text, photos, audio, video, other files.

Invite others, whether they knew your person or just want to support you. Only people with your unique link will be able to access the private space.

Sign up for prompts. Receive weekly prompts to help you talk about your person and your grieving process. Your supporters can subscribe to regular reminders to check in on you with tips of what to say or do.

Make it easy for friends to continue checking in

  • Mark annual dates that are important to your family (e.g. death anniversary, birthday, special holidays).
  • Friends can opt-in to get reminders to reach out to you on those days and periodically in-between.
  • Helps your community understand that grief is a long-term experience. It's not something you just "move on" from.

Build a healthy habit of reflection

  • Opt in to weekly prompts straight to your phone or inbox. We ask you a curated reflection question - your answer goes straight to your loved one's Encircle profile.
  • No surprises. You tell us when you want to hear from us.
  • Make it easy to talk with those closest to you about your loss. See others' answers to the same question and start real life conversations.

Discover memories you never knew existed

  • Encircle is a central repository that enables you to store all memories of your person in a single place. Encircle can accept any filetype - photos, voicemails, video, documents - whatever helps you remember your loved one can be stored in their Encircle profile.
  • With Encircle, it's easy for all members of your community to add memories - even if they're not tech savvy.

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